Dr. Nedelya Stonova is among the audience's most loved stars in the dance reality show "Dancing Stars".

Her performance so far has been enviable and she is among the main contenders to win the format.

The 50-year-old doctor amazes with her plasticity and figure and captivates men's eyes not only on the small screen, but also live, Retro writes.

However, as a girl, she is faithful only to her beloved husband.

Few people know that Stonova enjoys a long-term marriage with the former chief architect of Plovdiv, Valentin Marinov.

They have a 20-year age difference in his favor.

Once upon a time, they met at the Christmas celebration of the Plovdiv municipality, but Amur's arrow pierced them on the Oar Canal in the City of the Hills, where they were both playing tennis.

However, their beautiful love story also has its difficult moments.

Sunday and her husband, for whom this is a second marriage, could not have children for a long time.

The two got married on May 31, 2008, and Veselin Marinov, who is the groom's cousin, sang at the celebration.

The doctor kept hoping to become a mother, but for seven years without success.

Even now, she admits through tears that she will not forget how when she started her career in television, she heard from colleagues: 

"Stonova can have a rating and go to conventions, but she doesn't have a child.

She is childless!".

For a long time, her world collapsed because of the choir comments and the crisis in the marriage, but she decided to show courage, not to fixate on the problem, but to move on.

She filled her time with a lot of work - receiving patients, writing articles, broadcasting on television.

One day, quite surprisingly, she saw the two lines, and the joy turned out to be double when she found out that she was expecting twins from her husband.

Their happiness was short-lived because in the fourth month she lost one baby, a boy.

“I was diagnosed with Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

Left is our daughter Lily.

I thank my doctor and God every day that I have at least one live birth surviving twin.

Lily was born under the sign Gemini - on June 9," Shtonova is frank.

Dr. Nedelya Stonova with a shocking message to her beloved (photos)

The only daughter of the doctor and her husband was named with the unusual name Lilia-Sapphira.

 Lily of the architect's mother, and Saphira of Dr. Stonova's eyes, which are blue, just like the precious stone.

"My daughter is happy with such parents.

I am the age of a grandfather, and I am a father.

There is nothing better than that.

I have a son, who is much older, from my first marriage, but I missed his childhood.

His grandparents looked at him.

And now with my daughter I am experiencing everything - from the establishment of the pregnancy until now.

This is a pleasure that one can realize only by experiencing it, but one must be mature enough," says Nedelya Stonova's husband.

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