Slavcho Peev considered returning to the stage just a few days before he died.

This was revealed to Bulgaria Today by the playwright of the Satirical Theater Bogdana Kosturkova.

There was the worship before the famous actor yesterday.

"What a thing life is! Four days before Slavcho left, we talked on the phone and he had ideas to participate in performances. He said it was better, he even wanted to leave the cane. And... he surprised us," he says Kosturkova.

Peev's last performance was in a solo performance in "Happy Satire" and was accompanied by thunderous applause.

"Salute to you and your talents, Slavcho!"

Thus, the great grandmother of the Bulgarian variety show Lili IvanovaLili Ivanova was born in the town of Kubrat.

She graduated from a medical college in Varna, and later worked with the actor Svetoslav Peev yesterday at the Satirical Theater.

The Primate sent white roses with a black ribbon to the procession, which was in front of the "funny troupe" stage.

At the very beginning, the director of the Satirical Theater Kalin Sarmenov said farewell words for the talent and charisma of his late colleague.

"Slaveto was a friend to me. He belongs to the exceptional generation that built not only the Satirical Theater, but built cinema, television, created a completely different impetus over the years for all these artistic ideas that we continue today. It is our duty to build these bridges and very soon we will be ready with a chair named after Slavcho Peev, so that young people can get to know him and his work. There are already such chairs for the founders of the Satirical Theater, before whom we bow our heads every day. He was a magnificent person and an incredible person, bow to him," said Sirmenov.

Shortly after, a huge bouquet arrived on behalf of the Golden Ball and Golden Boot winner Hristo Stoichkov.

"Farewell, Father Slave, it was my honor," was written on the ribbon surrounding the white flowers.

Bouquets were also sent from Lokomotiv FC, where Slavcho Peev worked during his lifetime.

"I loved him so much! The last of the big family of satirists. I'm excited and I can't say anything more. I loved him like a daughter, he loved me too," Alexandra Sarchadzhieva said through tears.

Her words were confirmed by Stefania Kocheva, who added that when she felt the worst, Peev would give her a hand and with a smile they would go through difficult texts together.

"It gave me strength, courage!" said Kocheva.

"He was the last of the greatest Mohicans," said actor Teodor Elmazov.

"A great theatrical performer, an exceptional person - humble, complete, he knew what he was doing, what he wanted and how to stand up for himself. He was one of the real men of Bulgaria."

This was said by the Minister of Culture Krastyu KrastevKrastyu Krastev was born on 25.11.1956 in Pazardzhik.

On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of Culture in, who sent a wreath in memory of the actor.

Relatives and friends said goodbye to the great actor Slavcho Peev

The son of Georgi Kaloyanchev - Ivaylo, cried like a child over the closed coffin and managed to say: "For me he was like a second father. We worked together, we constantly saw each other outside the theater. He had a kind word for everyone, a smile, everything he was helping. He was sitting behind me and I was trying to help him," shared Ivaylo, wiping away tears.

"I'm not going to cry either! We had so many roles together, we joked so much. He also had a funny sense of humor that only us actors of the older generation understood. Now I'll smile at him, take off my cap and say : "Salute, Mr. Prime Minister!

Go to the other world with a smile!" said the actor Stefan Mavrodiev.

"Whatever I say, it will be little for the great man Slavcho Peev," said Petar Vuchkov, who also worked with the actor.

The actress Aneta Sotirova also came with white flowers, as well as Silvia Lulcheva, Kateto Evro and many others.

They bowed before the great talent of Slavcho Peev and everyone from the troupe of the Satirical Theater.

Wreaths and flowers were sent by almost all institutions in our country.

Slavcho Peev's relatives will arrange for him to be buried in the Artists' Alley at the Central Sofia Cemetery.

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