A collection of Elton John's belongings was sold for more than 20 million US dollars, reported AFP. 

Glasses, a Banksy triptych and 900 other objects and works of art were sold in a series of auctions, Christie's announced. 

Sir Elton John bids farewell to his fans

Most of the items were part of the furnishings of the singer's luxury residence in Atlanta, USA.

In 2023, Elton John sold the mansion for $7 million. 

The objects and artwork were collected by Elton John and his husband David Furnish.

Among them are 350 photographs, mainly by Robert Mapplethorpe and Richard Avedon. 

Elton John ends his latest world tour with a show in Stockholm

According to Christie's, Elton John, who had long struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, chose to settle in Atlanta because he found peace and support there.

The singer has not been drinking since the early 1990s. 

Elton John's farewell tour is the highest-grossing in history

Celebrity sales have become a favorite niche of auction houses, as they provide an opportunity to expand the circle of customers.   

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