Auto driver did a clever trick to get cool air

Jugaad Video:

No one can predict when and what will go viral on social media.

Sometimes someone turns a car into a helicopter, and sometimes someone makes a cooler out of a brick using Jugaad.

Now one such new Jugaad video is going viral, seeing which you will not believe your eyes.

Actually, new videos of Jugaad keep going viral every day.

But now the jugaad that has gone viral cannot be imagined by anyone.

Actually, an auto driver has done such a miracle which has gone viral on social media.

People are liking this man's jugaad a lot.

The viral video is said to be from Kodicode (earlier Calicut) of Kerala.

In the video you can see that PVC pipe has been fitted in a special way from outside to inside an auto.

The pipes from both the sides are brought inwards and connected to the third pipe from either side.

Social media people are liking this video a lot. 

Watch Video:

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People are commenting a lot on the video.

One user wrote – When a plumber becomes a driver.

Another user wrote – This is auto AC.

The third wrote – This is a very good and absolutely wonderful thing.

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