Shazia Manzoor slapped Sherry Nanha

New Delhi:

Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor slaps comedian Sherry Nanha:

Pakistan's famous singer Shazia Manzoor has slapped comedian Sherry Nanha one after another in the live show.

The video related to this incident is now going viral on social media.

In the video, Shazia Manzoor Sherry is seen getting very angry at Nanha and slapping him.

The singer got angry at the comedian when he was talking to Shazia Manzoor about their honeymoon.

The singer could not control her anger, after which she slapped Sherry Nanha several times in the middle of the show. 

Sherry Nanha Shazia Manzoor says during the live show.

'If we got married I would immediately take you to Monte Carlo for our honeymoon.

Can you tell me which class you want to go to?

Hearing this, Shazia Manzoor loses her temper and starts abusing Sherry Nanha in the live show.

The singer angrily gets up from her seat and goes to him and says, 'Well, one thing is that you are a third class, selfless person.

Last time also I had said, everyone thought it was a prank, remember earlier also I had said, he is talking about honeymoon, aren't you ashamed?

Call someone?' 

Slap kalesh b/w Pakistani Singer Shazia Manjoor and Co-Host of show over making joke on 'Honeymoon' with a Woman

— Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) February 27, 2024

After saying this, Shazia Sherry slaps Nanha.

Amidst their fight, the show's host Mohsin Abbas Haider had to come.

However, Shazia Manzoor stopped him and said, 'No one should come forward today, what do you mean by your honeymoon?'

Let's talk about honeymoon with some lady.

Last time also you had said that this is a prank.

I told everyone that it was a prank, people didn't know that he had misbehaved last time also.

I scolded him rightly.

After hearing all this, Mohsin Abbas Haider, who was intervening, also expressed his displeasure on Sherry Nanha and said, 'Sherry, don't speak the lines to yourself, brother, just speak what is written in the script.'

After this Shazia Manzoor Sherry also pushes Nanha.

This video is now going viral on social media.

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