"We need to create Ukrainian for our children so that they grow up with respect for the culture and traditions of their people.

Conscious Ukrainian children are the future of our nation

," say the authors of the project.

To realize their idea, the brand team found 10 ancient Ukrainian songs and recorded them in a modern version.

KOLA, MamaRika and Kateryna Girman performed lullabies.

The unique album can be listened to on Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, and Apple Music platforms.

Why sing lullabies and what is the benefit of this for children - we will tell you further.

The very first conversation with the child

Singing at night is a Ukrainian tradition that our ancestors passed down from generation to generation.

Koliskova helps the child to get to know the mythical Ukrainian world and to feel the connection with the past and the future.

Children need to sing them in their native language.

After all, language is the spirit of the people.

The language a child will speak determines how he will think.

That is why a lullaby not only helps to learn the language features of one's country and distinguish words.

It is the first conversation between parents and children about the values ​​of their native land.

It is the lullaby that will later help the child to identify himself with the nation.  

The key to development

Our ancestors believed that lullabies have magical powers.

Doctors, psychologists and speech therapists who joined the project "Lullabies with a Ukrainian soul" confirmed that lullabies at night have a significant impact on the development of the baby.

Even while in the mother's womb, the child perceives the music and language of the environment, and at birth already reacts to the sounds it knows.


Lullabies have a good effect on the development of a child's vocabulary.

Diminutive and caressing words, names of colors, rules of creating sentences — all this will definitely be imprinted in her memory

," says speech therapist, member of the Association of Speech Therapists of Ukraine, Alina Lakhno.

Songs also help mother and child to overcome stress and contribute to the release of the hormone of happiness.

The moment when the father and mother sing a lullaby to the child brings the family together, creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Transfer of values

Each Ukrainian lullaby is a small fairy tale that contains important life lessons.

Folk songs change over time, but the wisdom and strength of the people remain in them.

Therefore, lullabies not only help children fall asleep, but also teach kindness, care and love.

When parents lull their babies to the sounds of Ukrainian songs, they say a special mantra about a happy and healthy future. 

"This unique combination of folk wisdom, parental love, faith in the child and eternal Ukrainian symbols cannot help but fascinate.

I am sure that these songs will fall into the hearts of everyone who hears them,"

she shares her impressions of the MamaRika project.

The Malyutka brand team offers Ukrainians to listen to an album of old lullabies in a modern arrangement and sing them to their children.

This moment of emotional closeness will be imprinted in the parents' memory for the rest of their lives, and will be extremely beneficial for the children. 

Let's put all the love and care for the baby into the singers.

What kind of people they will become depends on our education.