If the birthday is on 29 February in a leap year, how do people celebrate their birthday?

The year 2024 is different from other years.

This is a leap year.

In which there are 366 days instead of 365.

Those who are familiar with the name of Leap Year also know that this year, which comes once every four years, brings an extra date which is February 29. Every year this day comes as a curiosity.

Now just think that if the day itself brings so much curiosity, then what would happen to those who were born on this extra day of leap year.

That means it happened on February 29.

When do they celebrate their birthdays and does their age also increase in the same way as the age of other people increases?

Let us know how birthdays are celebrated in leap years.

What to do on your birthday on leap year?

According to The Independent, those who are born on 29 February of leap year.

They have to fix a date.

They can choose 28th February or 1st March as their date.

For example, consider those who were born in the United Kingdom and their date of birth is 29th February.

So in non-leap year i.e. normal year, his official birth date will be considered as 28th February.

According to an estimate, there are at least 5 million people who were born on Leap Day i.e. 29 February.

That means this number cannot be considered very small.

Talking about some famous leap day born people, it includes Spanish Premier Pedro Sanchez, US rap star Ja Rule and even serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

Is Leap Year celebrated on other planets too?

It is also believed that leap year does not happen only on Earth but leap year occurs on every planet of the solar system.

For example, if we talk about Mars, there are more leap years there than normal years.

Mars has 668 days in a year, whereas Mars takes 668.6 Martian days to revolve around the Sun.

Accordingly, leap year comes sooner there.