Potato Juice For Pigmentation: Potato is useful in removing freckles. 

Skin Care:

The problem of pigmentation or freckles occurs due to excessive production of melanin on the skin.

Due to freckles, dark spots start appearing on the face.

This also affects the texture of the skin.

Most women have the problem of freckles.

At the same time, these freckles are more visible on the cheeks and forehead.

To lighten these freckles and dark spots, some household items can be very useful, which also includes potatoes.

The bleaching properties of potato show amazing effect in removing spots and blemishes from the skin.

It contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals beneficial for the skin which lighten the freckles.

Know in what ways potato can be used to reduce freckles. 

These leaves are called a panacea, they are available for free but they have amazing effects on health.

Potato to reduce freckles.

Potato For Reducing Pigmentation 

The easiest way to use potatoes to reduce pigmentation is to use potato juice.

For this, take a potato, grate it and then squeeze it and extract its juice in a separate bowl.

Dip cotton in this juice and then apply it on the freckles.

After applying this juice for 15 to 20 minutes, wash and clean.

Potato juice can be applied on the skin 2 to 3 times a week. 

Potato and Lemon Juice 

Potato can also be applied on freckles in this way.

Mix lemon juice in equal quantity of potato juice.

Apply this prepared mixture on freckles and keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

By using it twice a week, freckles will start reducing. 

Potatoes and Honey 

Mixing honey with potato and applying it on the face not only reduces freckles but also gives glow to the face.

The anti-inflammatory properties of honey reduce skin irritation.

Honey also gives moisture to the skin.

Grate potatoes in a bowl and add one spoon of honey.

Apply the prepared paste on the face for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash it off.

This face mask can be applied once a week. 

Potato Slices 

If you are not in the mood to work hard, you can also apply potato slices on your face.

For this, cut the potatoes into round and thin slices.

Now place the slices on the freckles.

By applying potato on the face for 10-15 minutes, the skin will start absorbing the potato juice.

After this, rub the potato lightly on the face and clean the face by washing it with water. 

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