Amit Trivedi was impressed after seeing the unique auto driver, shared the video

Our country is a treasure trove of talent.

People fulfill their dreams by finding their happiness even in small things.

In the era of social media, sometimes if some connoisseur notices them, then the matter becomes big.

One such unique case was seen on the streets of Mumbai yesterday.

Where the auto driver had converted his auto rickshaw into a concert stage on wheels.

This caught the eye of Bollywood's big music director Amit Trivedi.

He posted the video on social media and wrote that seeing this made his day.

Video of unique auto driver seen in Bandra goes viral on Instagram

Amit Trivedi posted the video of the amazing incident he saw in some area of ​​Bandra on Instagram from his official handle.

As soon as he posted the amazing video of the auto driver, it went viral.

More than 30 lakh people have watched this video so far.

At the same time, 2 lakh 20 thousand users have liked his post.

Thousands of people have also shared the post.

On Instagram, users have praised the talent of the auto driver seen in the video.

Hundreds of people have made appreciative comments on this post.

One user wrote, 'From inside we are something else, and from outside we are helpless.'

Another wrote, 'Good... but singing while driving is also dangerous!'

Watch video here

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Amit Trivedi wrote- I wish!

I would get a chance to talk to him

Amit Trivedi wrote along with the video post on Instagram that today a glimpse of true passion was seen on the streets of Mumbai.

This man has converted his auto rickshaw into a concert stage on wheels.

Seeing this, my heart swelled!

Trivedi wrote that Incredible India has amazing talent.

This one moment has reminded me of this.

If only!

I would have got a chance to talk to that auto driver.

Well, seeing them really made my day.

He expressed hope that watching the video will make your day too.

Auto rickshaw driver sang Mohammad Rafi's song 'Khoya-Khoya Chand...'

In the viral video, names of many people are written in big letters on the back of the auto rickshaw along with 'Wish you happy birthday'.

It is seen in the video that as soon as the camera pans to the auto driver, he first smiles lightly.

Loud music is playing with colorful lights inside the auto rickshaw.

After this, the auto driver takes out his mic in front of the camera.

After this, while driving the auto rickshaw, he sings the song 'Khoya-Khoya Chand...' sung by Bollywood's evergreen singer Mohammed Rafi.