The Police Force

in the country has warned the behavior that has emerged in recent days to the citizens, including some bodaboda drivers, to stop taking the law into their own hands by committing criminal acts.

The spokesperson of the Police Force, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), David Misime, has said that the force is warning people who take the law into their own hands and asking them to stop doing so, as it is against the law and a violation of human rights.

He has given an example of various incidents of citizens taking the law into their own hands, including yesterday in Tanga region in Korogwe district, Msambiazi area, where bodaboda drivers set fire to a Sai Baba Company bus traveling between Dar es Salaam and Arusha after the bus hit the driver of bodaboda who passed away.

He also said that on February 2, this year in Manyara region, in Babati district, citizens rioted and blocked the road, pressuring the Police to hand over the suspect who was accused of raping and then killing a seven-year-old child.

He said the police are continuing to search for all those involved in the crime of burning a bus in Korogwe district, so that they can be brought to justice.