Now will we get to see the story of Anupama and Yashdeep?

New Delhi:

Anupama is currently ruling our television screens.

The show is performing very well and is at the top in the weekly BARC ratings.

These days the track of the show is focused on a very interesting story.

Anupama has broken her marriage with Anuj and has settled in America.

Now she works in a restaurant in America.

She knows that Chhoti and Anuj also live there.

Chhoti has changed her name to Aadhya and she does not want Anuj and Anupama to be together anymore, hence she is trying to get her father married to Shruti as soon as possible, but Anuj is still not able to forget Anupama.  

In the last episode you saw how Aadhya will take a promise from Anuj and Shruti that they will get married and will not separate under any circumstances and she cannot wait to live together and on the other hand Baa, Bapuji and Vanraj are all set to go to USA. Are ready.

In the upcoming episodes, Anuj will start getting jealous of Anupama and Yashdeep's friendship but he will be seen controlling himself.

He tells them that he is starting a food festival again and he wants Yashdeep's restaurant to participate in it.

Initially he refuses the deal but then Anupama tells him that he should not ruin the business due to personal reasons and hence she seals the deal with Anuj and his company.

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Now Anuj is happy that Anupama has finally agreed to work with his company and it will be interesting to see how both of them work after so much.

It is possible that Anuj is jealous, so who knows, the makers may also bring a twist in Yashdeep and Anupama's track.