Anhoni TV's first horror show left Doordarshan shows behind

New Delhi:

In your childhood, you must have seen many such funny shows on TV, whose memories will still be alive in your mind.

Among these, there were many shows which the children liked very much, while there were some shows which the children stayed away from.

Some courageous older children used to watch these shows, but their condition worsened at night.

Today we are telling you about one such show, which is considered to be the first horror show of the TV industry.

This horror show that came in the 90s was a big hit and gave everyone goosebumps.

Such a horror show that the soul would tremble after watching it. 

If you are thinking that here we are talking about Aahat, Aapbeeti or Fair Files, then you are wrong.

We are talking about the Zee horror show of the 90s, in which scary ghost stories were told.

This was the first horror show of the TV industry, that is why people liked it very much.

Ramsay Brothers brought this show on TV, after which such stories started appearing in the TV industry.

This show went on air in the year 1993, Archana Puran Singh was also seen in the first episode of this show.

Shagufta Ali and Pankaj Dheer were also seen in this episode along with Archana Puran Singh.

This show became a hit from the first episode itself.

The makers had planned that the show would have 24 episodes but it was liked so much that the show ran for 9 years.

became a victim of controversy

The more popular this show became, the more it remained in controversies.

A petition was also filed in the court against the show accusing it of promoting superstition.

Due to which the timing of this show was changed.

Not only this, its name was also changed to Anahoni.

The name of this show, which started in 1993, was completely changed in 1997.

This show was telecast till 2001.