Manoj Muntashir is now regretting writing the dialogues of Adipurush

New Delhi:

Last year, Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh's film Adipurush had made a lot of headlines.

Before release, it was being described as a great film, because along with the actor, the trailer of Adipurush was also liked.

But when this film came to theaters, it had to face a lot of criticism.

The dialogues and songs of Adipurush were written by famous lyricist and poet Manoj Muntashir.

Which was involved in a lot of controversies.

He later apologized for this.

Now Manoj Muntashir has said that writing dialogues for Adipurush was one of the immense pains for him. 

Manoj Muntashir recently gave an interview to the English website Times Now.

During this time, he shared good and bad experiences related to his career.

Manoj Muntashir was asked in the interview that if he gets a chance to correct something in his life and career, what would he like to correct?

On this Manoj Muntashir took the name of Adipurush.

Answering the question, he said, 'If I had got a chance, I would have gone to the past and not written the dialogues of Adipurush.

It gives me immense pain.

Although no one else is responsible for this.

I take full responsibility.

Apart from this, Manoj Muntashir talked about many other things.

Even before this, the lyricist had expressed regret over writing dialogues for Adipurush.

In an interview last year, Manoj Muntashir admitted the shortcomings in his writing for Adipurush.

He said, 'There is no doubt about it.

I am not such an insecure person that I will defend my writing skills by saying that I have written well.

This is 100% mistake.

Muntashir clarified that the mistake was unintentional.

He emphasized that there was no evil intention behind this.

He stressed that he had no desire to hurt any religious sentiments.