This week, TV's most romantic adventure, The Bachelor, continues with two exciting new episodes filled with first love thrills, unstoppable wild emotions and painful face-to-face revelations.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 20:00, bTV viewers are about to witness fun competitions, hot passions, intimate confessions and sharp verbal fights, after which nothing in the mansion of love will be the same.

Already today, Alec will send his first invitation for an individual romantic meeting to one of the ladies who made the strongest impression on him.

The businessman will arrive at the mansion by helicopter to take his chosen one on an exciting walk through the most beautiful corners of Rhodes, where the two will have the opportunity to get to know each other in private, away from everyone else.

Alec's choice will cause undisguised resentment in one of the other contestants, who will not hide her tears, anger and disappointment that she was not "chosen".

Alec's one-on-one meeting will last unusually long, and this will raise suspicions among the girls that it will not end on the same day.

After meeting the sunset in an elegant restaurant, the businessman and his chosen one will be secluded in the presidential suite of the most luxurious hotel in Rhodes, and what will be the continuation and whether the lady will receive a rose from the "bachelor" even during their seclusion, the viewers will find out exactly at 20:00 on bTV.

As they await their return, the girls at the mansion will embark on the season's first group challenge.

They will have to go through a "labyrinth of love", at the end of which there is a single snow-white rose - a kind of "key" to Alec's heart.

It gives its owner the right to snatch it from one of his chosen ones for a one-on-one meeting and "steal" it whenever she sees fit.

In the "labyrinth of love", the contenders will turn into enemy snipers who will have to fire at each other with water cannons.

At first glance, the fun challenge will become an occasion for unprecedented "sports malice" and a spectacular scandal, which will long reverberate behind the walls of the beautiful mansion.

There will be no winner in "The Bachelor"!

Alec leaves with a note

During the evening cocktail party, Alec will have the opportunity to speak privately with more of the ladies he hasn't had the opportunity to get to know until now, and the secret and long-delayed confession of one of the participants will provoke the "bachelor" to reveal what real means to him family.

The viewers will also witness an extremely passionate kiss, with which Mladenov will testify his deepening interest in one of the ladies.

The evening will end with a new "Rose Ceremony" in which Alec will only have 21 flowers.

Which ladies will be left without roses and what will be their fate - we will see tonight (February 28) at 20:00 only on bTV!

On Thursday (February 29) it's time for the first group meeting of the Rhodes 2024 Summer Olympics.

The Olympics include 5 disciplines - weightlifting, wrestling, water polo, steeplechase and classic marathon, and the girls will be divided into two teams - "Pink Muses" and "Blue Goddesses".

The Olympic gold will be won by the team that wins more victories in the various challenges, and the winners will celebrate their triumph at a special VIP party organized by the completely impartial referee of the games - Alec himself.

The tension caused by suspicions that there is an "energy vampire" among the contenders for the heart of the "bachelor" will reach a boiling point, and this will become the reason for the "witch" contender to be "excommunicated".

At the end of the evening, there will be a heartbreaking "Rose Ceremony", after which the flowers at Alec's disposal will become even fewer in number.

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