The Moon is in Libra until 05:10 on February 29.

The Moon in Libra is associated with social relations and communication.

During this period, you can easily adapt to people and be more sensitive to understanding the needs of others.

The vibrations of Libra bring hesitation and indecision, and these days it is difficult to make a decision and make a choice.

At the same time, questions of beauty, art and aesthetics can also come to the fore.

You can use your creativity to approach new projects or find yourself at an art or social event.

The kidneys and bladder, the endocrine system, especially the pancreas are vulnerable.

People with diabetes and pancreatic problems should be especially careful.

Yoga classes are very suitable, as they bring the energy system into balance. 

Lunar calendar: lasts 18 lunar days until 21:11

Today serves as a mirror for us.

Nature itself reflects what is inside us.

Every situation should be evaluated as a reflection of our essence, actions, thoughts.

If someone says something unpleasant to you, don't take offense.

The universe is sending you a sign in which direction you need to work to become better.

If you are thanked or praised for something today, it means that you love the world and the people around you.

On this lunar day, nothing is accidental.

Pay attention to every little thing, every trifle.

The day requires prudence, restraint and special attention, as it is associated with dangers.

If the energy of the day is used incorrectly, you may encounter obstacles and troubles.

Thoughts should be controlled and bad thoughts should not be allowed.

There is a risk that you will easily fall under the influence of others.

It is not the most favorable time for collective work, collective gatherings.

Massages and rubs with vegetable oils are well reflected.

It is less good to sleep.

Strong aromas are dangerous.

It is possible to make an incorrect diagnosis, incorrectly prescribe drugs, which in turn can cause an allergy or poisoning.

It is strongly recommended to limit the consumption of alcohol.

On this day one should not get drunk because it hurts the kidneys. 

It can be a difficult time for family relationships.

People on this day often fall into a bad mood.

For this reason, maximum calmness and tact should be shown, so that the problems do not grow.


should be calm, slow and not so active.

It may even be postponed because the Moon is moving into Scorpio and the genitals are now vulnerable. 

A haircut

activates your energy, enhances your charisma, which will help attract new people into your life.

Even if you do not intend to cut your hair, it is good to cut a little from your hair to activate the processes of personal growth.

Weekly horoscope from February 26 to March 3

Special attention should be paid to the interpretation of dreams on the 18th lunar day.

The symbols in them appear as a mirror that reflects our deep aspirations and desires.

Next 19 lunar day from 21:11 on February 27 to 22:13 on February 28

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