Pattie Boyd (left) and George Harrison (right) in 1968. (Credit: Christie's Images Ltd 2024)

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Mementos from the personal collection of British photographer and model Pattie Boyd, who inspired a series of famous songs by her ex-husbands George Harrison and Eric Clapton, are going up for auction.

Boyd is "one of the greatest muses in rock history," auction house Christie's said in a news release Monday, adding that the collection offers "a fascinating look into the lives of some of the most influential figures." and iconic music".

Harrison wrote several songs about Boyd, including "I Need You", "For You Blue" and "Something", while Clapton wrote "Layla" about her.

As Harrison's wife, Boyd was present when the Beatles went through the frenzy of 'Beatlemania', the journeys of psychedelia and mysticism, and the collapse of their group.

With Clapton—who ardently pursued her for years—she witnessed a guitarist at the peak of his solo fame, as well as his struggle with addictions.


Anonymous love letter from Clapton to Boyd, sent in 1970. (Credit: Christie's Images Ltd 2024)

Among the objects on offer is a love letter written by Clapton in 1970, when Boyd was already married to Harrison, one of the singer-songwriter's close friends.

"I am writing this note to you, with the main purpose of finding out your feelings towards a topic well known to both of us," the letter begins.

"What I want to ask you is if you still love your husband, or if you have another lover. All these questions are very impertinent, I know, but if there is still a feeling in your heart for me... you must let me know!"

Clapton asks Boyd not to make a phone call, but to respond with a letter, writing, "It's much safer."

Mysteriously signed "E," Boyd told Christie's that he initially thought the letter was from a "weird fan," and even showed it to Harrison.

"It's a very well-written letter, but the print is so small — it doesn't even take up a third of the page," Boyd said.

"It's like she's embarrassed to write it. It's like a whisper instead of a talk."

A self-portrait taken by Boyd in 1989. (Credit: Christie's Images Ltd 2024)

Although Boyd rejected his advances, Clapton continued searching for her and wrote another letter that is also part of the auction.

In this letter, written on a page torn from the novel "Of Mice and Men," Clapton writes: "If you don't love me, please break the spell that binds me. Caging a wild animal is a sin, taming it is divine." .

After that, the couple didn't see much of each other for years, but then Boyd left Harrison in 1974 after discovering he was having several affairs, according to Christie's.

A photo of Clapton taken by Boyd in 1977. (Credit: Christie's Images Ltd 2024)

Clapton and Boyd ended up marrying in 1979 and remained friends with Harrison, who even referred to Clapton as her "husband-in-law," according to Christie's.

However, Clapton and Boyd would separate in 1987 after their relationship was affected by "substance abuse and infidelities," the press release notes.

Now, Boyd says auctioning off these items is a cathartic process.

"I thought, 'Do I need them? Do I have to keep putting myself in Pandora's box? I enjoyed them for many, many years, and now it's time for other people to see them and enjoy them. It's only fair that I pass them on,'" he told Christie's.

Items for sale include photos of Boyd, Harrison and Clapton, as well as postcards, telegrams and letters.

The auction will be held online from March 8 to 21, and the objects will be exhibited at Christie's in London from March 15 to 22.

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