The vocal Cypriot Christiana Loizou is pregnant.

This became clear on yesterday's live in "Like two drops of water", where the singer announced the happy news.

She showed a big belly and, according to acquaintances, she is at the beginning of the fifth month, writes

But that's not all.

It turns out that Loizou is also engaged.

The singer showed off an engagement ring with a small diamond shortly after her appearance in The Drops, and who the lucky winner is remains a mystery.

The news of a baby was a real surprise for her fans, as she has not shown a close relationship with anyone for a long time.

These are the participants in the new season of "Drops"!

Two playboys will please the female eye

Hristiana's last relationship was with the star reporter Borislav Borisov.

With Bobby Starr

they were even engaged, but 2 years ago they suddenly broke up.

According to acquaintances, Bobby still had feelings for Loiza and after her revelation on air, Slavi Trifonov's reporter did not remain without comment.

Minutes after the live, he wrote on his Instagram profile: 

"What from you - such from me.

Be angry with yourself if anything…”.

 And then he added

: "A woman doesn't know what she's missing until her friend brags to her."

 Those close to Loizou revealed that these posts are most likely aimed at her, as one of her friends is also pregnant.

It appears that Bobby Starr was not happy with the baby news.

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