In her Instagram blog, the star sometimes shows how she trains at home, what she uses for her workouts, and followers thank her in return for such motivational videos.

On Monday, Jen posted just one of these.

In the clip, Aniston demonstrates some exercises and fools around a bit.

She most likely trains with a personal trainer, judging by the voiceover.

"If you have a Monday like this, I feel you. You just have to do it!!", the star amusingly captioned the video.

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Some fans wrote that they love Jennifer.

Others noted that at least she has a personal trainer and all the necessary equipment for training at home, others praised Aniston for her hard work and sense of humor.

In short, if you are too lazy to start training, look at Jennifer Aniston and take an example.

As a reminder, fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko claims that going to the gym is not necessary for your body to be healthy and slim, and offers 11 variations of the "plank" exercise that will tighten your figure.