Problems in the theater began last week, when the head of the Culture Department of the Regional Executive Committee visited the team and suggested that the theater employees find a "new, more effective manager", as the former director of the theater, Tatyana Chaevskaya, is allegedly unable to cope with her duties and has already been removed from her post, writes. with reference to readers.

The chief engineer of "Batleika" was appointed acting head of the institution, the readers informed the publication.

It should be noted that the name and contact details of director Tatyana Chaevska have not yet been removed from the theater's website.

At the moment, the contracts of seven employees in the theater have not been renewed: the chief administrator, the chief accountant, two workshop workers, a costume designer and two cleaners.

The artists believe that they are next on the list of "optimization", the publication writes.

In general, according to, there is an open conversation about closing the theater or joining what remains of it to another institution - for example, to the Palace of Culture in Maladechno.

"Batleyka" is subordinate to the Minsk Regional Department of Culture.

Metropolitan officials assured the reader of "Nasha Niva" that no one is going to close the theater, it's just possible that it will exist "in some new format".

"Batleyka" will definitely remain and there will be children's performances," the reader quotes an interlocutor from the regional cultural department.

According to the publication, the theater officials have questions regarding the implementation of the plan.

"Batleyka" is the only theater in the country that did not perform it in January and, apparently, the same will happen in February, the regional administration says.

The "Batleyka" theater allegedly wanted to lose its independence in 2022 due to low attendance figures.

The management of the region raised the issue of joining "Batleyka" to the Minsk Regional Drama Theater in Maladzechno, but it was not possible to do so, among other things, due to legal complications.

Puppet theater "Batleyka" has been operating in Molodechno since 1990.

He is known for his productions based on national drama, "for children and adults, ancient, classical and modern".

"Batleika" is a unique, important and bright theater for the Minsk region and Belarus.

He was repeatedly awarded diplomas and prizes at international festivals of puppet theaters in Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Poland.

And in 2018, the play "Sisters of Graia" directed by Yevgeny Karnyi, staged on the stage of "Batleyki", was awarded the National Theater Award.