The luminous god Helios (the Sun) is one of the most revered gods of Ancient Greece, the deity of light, music and medicine, who takes care of the sciences and arts.

The sun determines belonging to one or another zodiac sign.

A person's natal chart shows where and how he wants to "shine", in which situations he will be the center, how he can attract general attention and maintain interest in his person for a long time, says

astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova)


The sun is the very principle of life, procreation, the image of grandfather and father in the horoscope.

Family and children give Leo strength, which he directs to other spheres.

The fire of Leo is enough for everyone, they are very charismatic and bright personalities.

Perhaps that is why people like people born under the sign of Leo, despite the fact that representatives of this royal sign like to dominate and sometimes "grow".

In the sign of Leo, the result of energy filling and fertilization in nature is already visible.

The harvest reaches, the fruits ripen, the offspring grows.

The most stable heat during this period in nature.

The presence of moral principles and values ​​characterizes most representatives of this sign from the best side.

Leos are active people who strive for success and popularity.

Leos have great creative potential.

They like prestige, courage and scale in everything.

Most often, Leos are aesthetes who admire status exclusive accessories and beautiful things.

They know how to inspire the public, return interest in life.

Leos are often very ambitious, often concerned about hard-to-achieve goals.

This is especially evident in career.

They constantly want to occupy a leading position and be on top of the pedestal, "sit on the throne and rule the kingdom."

For this, Leo has everything necessary: ​​leadership qualities, charisma, tenacity, clear consciousness and acting talent.

The best representative of big business, the owner of a successful company, an excellent organizer.

He likes to manage, if not people, then processes.

It is difficult for Leos to hide something, secrets are not part of their life.

Fixed Fire brings visibility into their life path in any situations - both positive and not so good.

Leos often go out to conquer the stage, there are many representatives of this zodiac sign among celebrities.

They like the attention of the public, as well as applause, an explosion of emotions, boiling passions.

Conscious, active activity, as well as endurance always lead Leo to success and popularity.

Fire gives him strength, saturates and pushes him to achieve.

Leo has many positive qualities, he rarely gives up in the face of failure, but he also has weaknesses.

First of all, it is selfishness, self-obsession - Leos like to bathe in the rays of their own splendor.

A gambler and an adventurer, a gambler, because of which there are problems, both for women and for men.

Leo women are hardworking and talented, they are usually forced to wear social masks, play a certain role, "save face" so that this moment does not happen in their soul.

It will be easy for them to "bring booty to their Lion" and at the same time show that their man is the best, even if it is not.

Leo men combine all the qualities of this sign, they are generous and very demanding of their partners.

It is difficult to please men of this sign.

They want to see a Lioness next to them - a socially fulfilled, well-groomed, ideal mother of their children.

And also the one to which the admiring glances of other men are riveted.

But at the same time, Leo men are very jealous, they need proof of love.

Usually, Leos like bright clothes.

Things in the wardrobe should be expensive and high-quality.

They prefer to save up for a long time and buy one thing, but maintain a luxurious image, than to have many simple things.

Gold jewelry perfectly emphasizes their attitude to themselves and life in general.

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Amber is called a "solar stone", because it comes in all shades of the Sun.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that amber is the petrified tears of the Sun's daughters.

It is believed that amber gives its owner health and happiness.

Amber stone helps to concentrate creative forces, adds self-confidence and attracts positive energy.

In order for jewelry to bring not only pleasure, but also benefit, Leos can be advised to wear items with ruby, rings with garnet, jewelry with amber, carnelian, spinel.

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Jewelry that is most suitable for a Leo woman is gold bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings, hoop earrings, amber necklaces, coral necklaces.

Gold products can be replaced with expensive jewelry made of yellow metal.

Massive watches and chains made of yellow or red gold are most suitable for men.

And a fountain or ballpoint pen made of amber on a beautiful stand in the office will perfectly emphasize the status of its owner.

And, of course, a prestigious car.

The animalistic style is consistent with the energy of the representatives of the Leo sign, immediately attracts the attention of others, as it is clothes, shoes and bags with animal prints - zebra, leopard, tiger, cow, turtle, snake, crocodile.

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Aristocratic style is an elegant style of clothing.

It is characterized by modesty and restraint, but allows adaptation of modern trends.

A cute hat is suitable as an accessory.

Gangster-style clothing for men - three-piece suit, shirt and tie, patent leather shoes.

For women, the gangster style or Chicago style is fur, tight dresses, spectacular jewelry.

On the head - an elegant hat or headband with voluminous feathers.

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Hollywood-style clothing is outrageous, bright, accordingly, not for every day.

Open shoulders and back, close-fitting silhouette, perfect cut, luxury in every detail are mandatory requirements for this style.

Urban chic in women's clothing - a combination of classic, minimalist, business and everyday casual style.

High-quality clothes, characterized by a perfect cut and soft shapes without unnecessary details.

The color range is neutral, calm.

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French or Parisian chic is simple and functional clothing, but at the same time light and sophisticated.

High-quality fabrics of calm shades are used for tailoring.

A beret or neckerchief is a must.

Extravagant style in clothes allows you to stand out, show yourself, but at the same time does not go beyond common sense.

A bright orange scarf, an unusual accessory, a hat with a large brim will help create such a bold image.