It was on this day, February 27, 1983, that Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II

flew to Los Angeles with her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

In the photo, Elizabeth II waves to the public who have come to greet her as she exits one of the presidential planes at Long Beach Airport after a short flight from Palm Springs.

Then the monarch made a two-day visit to Los Angeles, which included a speech at City Hall and a celebratory dinner at the Twentieth Century Fox studio.

Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Associated Press

Elizaveta was dressed that day in a short checkered jacket and knee-length skirt, wearing black leather high-heeled shoes, carrying a coat and a small black bag in her hands.

She also wore a beret, pearl earrings in her ears, a pearl necklace around her neck and two brooches attached to her collar.

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