Woman bought 4 dozen for Rs 49

In Bengaluru, a woman had gone to buy four dozen eggs online, but during this time she got trapped in the trap of fraudsters.

According to reports, the woman received an offer to buy four dozen (48) eggs for only Rs 49.

However, when he tried to redeem the offer, Rs 48,000 was deducted from his credit card.

According to a media outlet, the woman's name is Shivani, she is a resident of Vasanthanagar, Bengaluru.

According to the outlet, the woman claimed that she found an advertisement link where a reputable company was selling eggs at a low rate.

"There was a shopping link in the ad. When I clicked on it, it took me to a page that explained how the chickens were raised and how the eggs were collected and distributed," he told the outlet. , there was a description of it."

He told that as per the advertisement, the company was selling eight dozen eggs for Rs 99 and that too without any delivery charge.

"I decided to buy four dozen eggs for Rs 49. When I proceeded to place the order, it took me to a contact information page," she said.

According to the outlet, things started changing when she entered her card details and the money was deducted from her account without even entering the OTP.

“I entered my details and clicked on it to place the order,” he told the outlet. “It took me to the next page where they only had payment options via credit card. I filled in my credit details, including the expiry date and CVV number.” Entered card details and clicked on 'Proceed for payment.' 

According to the report, if he had not received a call from his bank at this time, he would have lost more money.

"I explained to them about the fraud and they blocked my account. I called the cybercrime helpline (1930) and they directed me to lodge a complaint at the nearest police station," he told the outlet.

A case has been registered under the IT Act and the matter is currently being investigated.