Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

New Delhi:

Actress Anushka Sharma and her husband-cricketer Virat Kohli recently announced the arrival of their son Akay into this world.

Now a photo has surfaced on the social media platform in which Virat Kohli is seen having lunch with his daughter Vamika.

The caption of the photo shared on Reddit reads, "Virat spotted with Vamika in London."

In the picture taken from behind, Virat and Vamika were sitting at a table and eating food.

Both of them wore black and white outfits.

Reacting to the photo, a fan said, "I know we can only see the girl's back but she looks so cute. Her hair is so cute."

One person wrote, "VK seems like a very invested father and husband, which is very nice."

Reddit users reacted to the picture

One Reddit user commented, "Daddy and daughter are spending time together while mommy and baby brother are getting closer to each other. But whoever took the photo shouldn't be sneaking around like that."

One comment said, "She looks so big and look at the ponytail, how cute she is. I'm just imagining the junior version of Anushka."

A fan said, "Oh...Virat is on daddy duties with cutie-pie."

Virat spotted in London with Vamika!

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About Anushka and Virat's family

Last week, Anushka and Virat announced the birth of their child Akay.

The couple posted on Instagram, "With lots of happiness and hearts full of love, we are happy to share that on February 15, we welcomed our baby boy, Akay and Vamika's little brother, into this world. We wish you all the best." Want blessings. Best wishes for this beautiful time of our lives. We request you to respect our privacy at this time. Love and gratitude. Virat and Anushka."