The first decade of March is energetically similar to the previous month, so personal life is like a roller coaster.

Partners seek independence in relationships, intellectual interest, not romance and passion, promotes rapprochement.

Friendship and respect for independence in partnership come first.

And jealousy and morbid attachment do not prevent the development of relationships.

From March 12, the time of dreams and sentimentality begins.

During the transit of the planet of love Venus under the sign of creativity and sacrifice, secrets, forbidden feelings and romances are born.

People are more willing to give up their own ego and live for another person, forgetting about themselves.

On March 23, Mars enters the sign of Pisces and further activates the sensual sphere of life.

People fall in love faster, easier and more often, consciously look for love experiences, and then tear their heart to pieces.

The sensual and spiritual component of life determines people's motives and prompts them to act.

The spring eclipse corridor will begin on March 25 in Libra, the sign of relationships ruled by Venus.

Therefore, the last week of the month will bring deep transformations in personal life, which may be accompanied by suffering, as well as sudden revelations, an unexpected turn of events in love relationships.

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Hold back your displeasure and irritation, because the result can be shocking.

This especially applies to married couples.

Another claim to a husband or wife can lead to a huge scandal.

Rely on softness and cunning — this will help you achieve what you want from your partner.

March is a very responsible time for Aries, he has to take a lot of responsibility and keep himself within limits, despite the desire to relax and have fun.


The month is full of events in the love sphere.

Spending time together is incredibly useful, and not only for strengthening and harmonizing relationships.

At this time, interesting ideas and pleasant coincidences can visit, which will lead to an improvement in the financial situation for two.

However, you should be wary of scams and scams if you have recently started a romantic relationship.

Reality blurs in people who are especially in love.


The first half of the month is relatively calm, so all the most important issues should be resolved during this period.

But in the third decade, the tension increases, partners more often observe each other's inappropriate behavior, and it is not necessary that the second person in the couple was also born under the sign of Gemini.

There is a lot of energy, but it will be difficult to control it, so the best thing you can do to save the relationship is to engage in joint physical work or active recreation.


In the first decade, in general, everything is fine in the love sphere.

The second half of March will add dissatisfaction to relationships, especially married couples.

In personal life, it is easy to take wishful thinking for granted.

If you had problems in your personal life, be prepared for their development.

If everything is fine, take care of your love!

In the darkened period, friction in relationships is very possible.

Temperament and impatience will lead to protracted quarrels.


Your interests and desires against the feelings and intentions of your partner will not lead to anything good.

Use originality in communication, give in somewhere to your loved one and do not be too strict with children.

Therefore, immersing yourself in family affairs and jointly creating beauty around you will lift your mood and help you get closer to your loved ones.

This should really be given as long as possible, since the last week of March will bring crises in personal life.


Be wary of making promises of love and fidelity on impulse, especially if you're new to the relationship.

Your sensual sphere undergoes strong transformations, the risk of divorce is quite high.

If you are in an official marriage union, do not forget about mutual responsibilities, devoting yourself to the professional sphere.

Children and parents also need your attention, be sure to allocate time for emotional communication with relatives and dear people.


A lot of attention to you from nice members of the opposite sex significantly increases your self-esteem and confidence in your uniqueness.

In the third decade of March, feelings and emotions will be difficult to control.

Be more careful with actions and purchases based on emotions, try to be more flexible.

This is a month with a karmic background, the lunar eclipse on March 25 will show where mistakes were made in the field of love relationships.


In March, you have a great opportunity to settle personal troubles in personal relationships.

The most important thing is to have a mental attitude.

Then you can melt the coldest heart.

The first half of March gives a good coincidence of circumstances.

Circumstances are also favorable for family affairs.

Do not miss the opportunity to fill your life with love!

It is good to solve real estate issues, to turn to relatives for support.


A trip with a loved one or a family dinner is a must if you need to strengthen or adjust the psychological atmosphere in a couple's relationship.

Feelings will be elevated and emotions heated, but this will only add passion to the relationship.

Keep your secrets about past relationships to yourself, even if your partner insists on telling you about what happened before you met.

By the end of the month, anxiety can cover you.

You will tend to dramatize events.


Self-confidence is enough for active and bold steps in the field of love.

The month will be productive for those who know how to act calmly and transform inner tension into creativity and passionate love encounters.

The nature of your personal relationships may be condemned by loved ones, so do not involve your parents, siblings, or children in your sensual affairs.

The last week of March will be difficult, there is a great risk of breaking the relationship if they were not strengthened at the beginning of the month.


You are excited almost the whole month, it is not easy to build partnerships with you.

Internal energy often does not find an outlet, which creates a conflict between desires and emotions.

A loved one requires stability, but you are drawn to the search for adventure, there is a desire to throw off the shackles.

Travel gives inspiration and creative mood.

At the end of the month, it may happen that a close or loved one will unpleasantly surprise you or make a million claims.


In the first decade of March, they are prone to whims, inclined to quarrels and quarrels.

Therefore, romantic relationships are at risk.

The second decade of March will bring much more pleasant emotions compared to the previous period.

Inspired and gifted with the attention of the opposite sex, you tend to have high hopes for this month, but unfortunately, the eclipse corridor that begins on March 25 is unlikely to allow your dreams to come true anytime soon.