You will also become emotional after reading this note written by brother for his younger sister.

The relationship between brother and sister is the most pure and most precious.

No matter what the country, no matter what the age, no matter what the religion.

It is not easy to compete with the love and affection of this relationship.

A sister also realized this 26 years after her brother's death.

Before his death, the late brother had written a very loving note for his beloved younger sister.

Now the sister has shared that note on social media, after reading which you will once again believe in the depth of this relationship and perhaps your eyes will well up.

You also know how a brother had imagined to see his sister grow.

Sister shared note (sibling love)

A user named Butta has shared a note written by her brother on Twitter.

Butta has written that, my brother died at the age of 11, just a year after my birth.

Now I found an old English book of his, in which a note was written for me.

Out of curiosity, I read the note which was dedicated to me.

Further Butta told that the name of this note is My Baby Sister.

Next to this it is written, 'My sister is five days old now.

When she grows up, she will study in the same school in which I study.

What she will become will be known only when she starts speaking.

I love my mother and baby very much.

She will be as big as me.

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my brother passed away when he was eleven…a year after i was born.

found his old english notebook while cleaning my closet today and decided to read it out of curiosity!

he had a whole section in his journal dedicated to me & how excited he was to be a big brother ????

— butta.

(@buttanyc_) February 24, 2024

This relationship is strange (heartwarming message viral)

After reading this note shared by the sister, users are also commenting emotionally, due to which the post has received more than four lakh likes.

One user wrote, 'It is very important to get this kind of love, tears came from my eyes.'

One user wrote, 'How difficult it is to imagine such love, which is being shown by a person whom you could never meet because you were a baby.'

One user wrote, 'The saddest thing is that this sister will never be able to meet her brother.'