The teacher did an amazing dance with the children.

Singer Justh's song 'Kal Raat Mere Ghar Aaya Ek Chor' is going viral in a tremendous way.

This song is being liked a lot by people of all ages and classes, as a result of which the song has earned a name in the top list of Spotify for a long time and has also become a big hit on YouTube.

Now many people are making and posting reels of dancing on this song.

A teacher has shared one such video.

The special thing about the video is that the teacher and the children sitting in the class are dancing very beautifully on this lovely song.

The atmosphere of the class also looks very pleasant.

People are not tired of praising this bonding between teacher and student.

Student dance with teacher (Teacher student dance video)

A teacher named Lata Gola has shared a video of her dancing with the students on this song. In the classroom in which she has shared, she herself is sitting on a chair and many children are sitting in front of her.

She is showing action and all the children are following those actions.

While sharing this video, Lata Gola wrote that, nothing is more precious to me than the love that I get from these children of mine every day.

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Madhuri Dixit has also mixed rhythm with rhythm (woman teaches chor dance steps)

This video of Lata Gola is getting a lot of love from people.

One user wrote, 'This chemistry between the teacher and the children is also priceless.'

One user wrote, 'This relationship between teacher and student is priceless.'

Along with this video, this song is also going viral, on which Madhuri Dixit herself has joined the beat and has shared her video on Instagram.