39 coins and 37 magnet pieces were found in the stomach of a 26 year old boy.

You must have often seen or heard that sometimes children get stuck in some things while playing, which sometimes becomes a threat to their lives.

Sometimes some play things and sometimes stones or coins.

Often when such cases come to light, we are shocked, but what if it is not a child but an adult who is doing this intentionally.

Recently, one such shocking case is coming to light, knowing about which you too will be stunned.

It is being told that a 26 year old boy swallowed 39 coins and 37 magnet pieces to increase the amount of zinc in his body.

Actually, recently a strange case of a 26 year old patient has come to light in Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

It is being told that after the surgery in the hospital, the doctors have removed not one or two, but 39 coins and 37 magnet pieces from the patient's stomach.

It is being said that the person was doing this for some days to increase the amount of zinc in the body.

According to relatives of the patient, he is reportedly mentally ill and has a habit of eating coins.

It is being told that the patient was suffering from frequent vomiting and stomach ache for more than 20 days, after which one day the patient's relatives took him to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for treatment, where he was examined. ) some strange object appeared in the stomach.

After much investigation, coins and magnets were found.

Dr. Tarun Mittal, laparoscopic surgeon of the hospital, said that coin-like objects were seen in the X-ray, after which a CT scan of the patient's stomach was done, which showed blockage in the intestine due to coins and magnets.

This was the reason why the doctors decided to perform surgery immediately.

It is being told that, during the surgery, magnets and coins were found in two different loops in the small intestine.

A total of 39 coins of one rupee, two rupees and five rupees were found in the patient's stomach.

Not only this, 37 pieces of magnet were also taken out with the help of surgery.

The patient was discharged from the hospital seven days after treatment.