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Jorge Dávila Miguel has a degree in Journalism since 1973 and has maintained a continuous career in his profession to date.

He has postgraduate degrees in Social Information Sciences and Social Media, as well as post-university higher education in International Relations, Political Economy and Latin American History.

He is of Cuban nationality and has gone through almost all levels and tasks of his profession, from reporter to foreign correspondent in print and radio press, as well as executive producer in television media.

As a columnist, Dávila Miguel has been awarded by the Association of Hispanic American Journalists and the Inter-American Press Society.

Currently Dávila Miguel is a columnist for Nuevo Herald, on the McClatchy network and a political analyst and columnist at CNN en Español.

(CNN Spanish) ––

CNN has reported: until January 7, more than 10 Palestinian children on average lost one or two limbs every day in Gaza due to the bombings that occurred since October 7.

The Unicef ​​spokesperson then added that as of December 19, some 1,000 children had lost one or both legs.

Many amputations were performed without anesthesia, there was none in hospitals, according to United Nations data.

From December to today there will be many more.

They will have suffered when their skin and muscles were cut, when their bones were sawed and when their skin was sewn together, until the final stitch was given to the stump.

From so much pain they would have already lost consciousness.

Think about your last operation, or that of one of your children, if it had been the same.

Would they have resisted?

They are not Muslims, Jews or Christians.

They are not terrorists.

Not communists.

They are children, just like yours.

The Israeli far right advocates, with increasing success, for the expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza.

The Israeli Government is publicly cautious on the issue.

He says they should return to their homes, but which ones?

50% of Gaza is ruins often converted into coffins.

Around 1,500,000 Gazans have been displaced to the south, where another 500,000 were already crowded.

You only have to look at the latest map of Gaza to wonder where to?

The ongoing rivalry between Israel and most Muslim countries has stubborn roots.

Some call for the absurd elimination of the State of Israel.

And the Zionism of Theodor Herzl, who sought a home for his dispersed compatriots around the world, has been mutating, in the Netanyahu Government, into a radical, far-right neo-Zionism, which, in response to the desire to end his State , longs to conquer more territories to form the great Israel.

When I look at what is happening right now, one simple fact inevitably comes to mind: control of Jerusalem, the sacred city of three religions, has led to more wars than any other city in the last 900 years, since the First Crusade. Cristiana (1099) besieged it.

And all three religions claim to be of peace.

So, either the humans who proclaim such peace in each religion are somewhat confused, or there are at least three supreme beings who reign in the universe for different purposes.

I know that this is not an exhaustive theological conclusion, but it allows a “narrative” about this tremendous drama that affects Jews and Muslims and that threatens to become global.

But let's put our feet back on the ground.

And let's leave the supreme being to his affairs.

Beni Gantz, head of the Israeli war cabinet, declared this Sunday that unless Hamas hands over all its hostages before the Muslim Ramadan (March 10-11), the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will advance on Rafah, where they are taking refuge. million and a half Palestinians.

“We will do so in a coordinated manner by facilitating evacuation through dialogue with our American and Egyptian counterparts to minimize civilian casualties,” Gantz also said.

But the question remains unanswered: where are they going to evacuate them?

It can be presumed that they intend a "displacement - mass expulsion" to Egypt -, in accordance with the desire of the Israeli extreme right, and with the best recommendation of the policy document of the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence on the civilian population of Gaza of October 2023 , which in its option C establishes: “The evacuation of the civilian population from Gaza to Sinai (Egypt), because it will report positive long-term strategic results.”

Egypt is currently building a five-meter-high wall on its border with Gaza to prevent the avalanche.

Will they have time to lift it in 15 days, before Muslim Ramadan and the beginning of the military offensive?

Because I don't believe Hamas will hand over its hostages.

So we can imagine what will happen if the IDF advances on Rafah, and horror ensues.

A great and terrible spectacle where we could see hundreds of thousands of Palestinians trying to overcome the wall, crowded together, anxious, with more than fear, terror.

Escaping for their lives.

And who will be to blame for the scene?

A ruthless Egypt that blocks the way for his brothers?

The Israeli Army attacking the last place where they took refuge?

The United States that says no, but in the end yes?

Why did Hamas not hand over its prisoners and attack Israel with terrorist fury on October 7?

Surely there will be guilt for all tastes.

But it can also be guaranteed that there will be more Palestinian children without arms and legs, operated on in no one knows which hospital, because only 11 of the 36 hospitals in Gaza are partially functioning.

What pain, I hope there is at least anesthesia for them.