Dry weather is favorable for respiratory diseases.

The immunologist, epidemiologist and professor of microbiology Prof. Todor Kantarjiev said this on Nova TV.

Dr. Todor Veselov Kantarjiev dmn, mzm, graduated from Medical Academy - Sofia in 1981, as.

Low humidity allows respiratory disease aerosols to stay in the air longer, he said.

He recommended more frequent ventilation of the premises.

The flu epidemic is going away, the professor is emphatic.

Regarding the incidence of whooping cough, Kantarjiev pointed out that the vaccine is 5 years old.

It was possible for a dose to be missed and people to become infected.

Fortunately, added the immunologist, the disease was mild in them, in contrast to the non-vaccinated ones.

Prof. Kantarjiev on the flu, whooping cough and scarlet fever

"Whooping cough is the most dangerous for unvaccinated babies," emphasized the specialist.

He recommended that women who intend to become pregnant soon get vaccinated against whooping cough.

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