Stars motivate children for exams

Film stars often present glimpses of their photoshoots or songs with fans or show their stylish style.

But during exam days, everyone from film stars to cricketers have changed their way of interacting with fans.

When the examination season starts, the anxiety of parents also increases.

They try to ensure that children study as much as possible and also remain stress free.

But there are some stubborn students who are waiting for the reply of their favorite stars to study.

The interesting thing is that even the stars are not disappointed and are motivating them to study by fulfilling their demands.

Not only Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani are included in such stars, cricketer Shubman Gill has also shown this gesture.

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Alia Bhatt commented

An Instagram handle named Alia Bhatt Favorite shared a video of Alia Bhatt and wrote on it that if Alia Bhatt comments on this reel, I will start studying.

Alia Bhatt also did not disappoint her fan and replied with emoji.

Vijay Deverakonda's promise

Vijay Deverakonda's fan went one step further and promised to bring it to ninety percent.

The only condition kept was that Vijay Deverakonda would reply to them by commenting.

Vijay Deverakonda also did not break the fan's heart but even promised that if he fulfills the condition and gets more than ninety percent then Vijay Deverakonda can also meet him.

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Kiara Advani's advice

A fan of Kiara Advani wrote to her that I have an exam from day after tomorrow.

If you comment, I will start reading.

Kiara Advani also motivated the fans without wasting any time.

Kiara Advani wrote that study and perform your best.

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Shubman Gill also motivated

Stars and even star cricketers are getting a lot of messages.

While sharing Shubhman Gill's reel, a fan gave the caption that if Shubhman comments on this reel, I will start reading from tomorrow.

Shubman Gill also commented to the fan that he should start reading.