She became a superstar overnight from her first film, got more fees than Salman

New Delhi:

It is possible that some other star may be paid more than Bollywood's Bhaijaan Salman Khan.

That too when the film is going to run more in the name of Salman Khan.

But you will be surprised to know that there was an actress who got more fees than Salman Khan in her first film.

It is a different matter that after that one film, the actress could not do any film which was as hit or could bring her the same fame.

On the contrary, due to stubbornness, the career of the actress could not flourish much.

However, the actress is spending very beautiful days in her love life.

More fees than Salman Khan

This actress is Bhagyashree.

Whose first film was with Salman Khan, whose name was Maine Pyar Kiya.

By the way, this was also Salman Khan's first film as a hero.

The innocent love between the two was greatly appreciated by the audience in this film.

From Salman Khan's swag, Bhagyashree's innocence to the story and songs of the film, he remained the audience's favourite.

According to media reports, Bhagyashree of this film got Rs 1 lakh.

Fees were paid.

Whereas Salman Khan got only thirty thousand rupees.

Despite this, Bhagyashree could not take much advantage of the success of the film.

Whereas everyone knows about the popularity of Salman Khan.

Changed career due to stubbornness

Bhagyashree's stay away from fame was due to a special reason.

Actually, Bhagyashree went against her parents and had a love marriage with Himalaya Dasani at the age of 19.

She was pregnant when the photoshoot of Maine Pyar Kiya was taking place.

After this he focused all his attention on his family.

However, after the birth of her daughter, she remained active in South Indian movies.

Some time ago, he had done a cameo in Salman Khan's film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.