What things to plan?

What clothes and jewelry to wear for good luck in work and love?

What part of the body should you pay special attention to?

What number will be happy?

What can't be done categorically?

The horoscope of the day answers these questions.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological Tip of the Day:

A day of deception, temptations and temptations that not only can, but must be resisted, otherwise they can take you very far.

It is important to question everything - the words, deeds and actions of the people around you.

Symbol of the day:

Winged Jackal.

Element of the day:


Lucky day:


Lucky color of the day:

red and black.

Lucky stones of the day:

agate, gagat, morion.

Which part of the body is responsible for:

the pancreas.

In case of


of chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

Food of the day:

food should be moderate, mushrooms and meat should be excluded from the diet.

Haircut of the day:

it is better to refrain from a haircut.

Magic and mysticism of the day:

the day is favorable for studying spiritual and esoteric literature.

Dreams of the day:

dreams of the current night are not prophetic, but they can show that good or evil is closer to a person's soul.

Taboo of the day:

you can't gamble: you can lose much more than a person can afford.

Quote of the day:

"You have to go where you want, not where you have to" (Max Frye).