"Nine days since Putin killed Alexei Navalny.

But Putin didn't think killing was enough.

Now he is holding his body hostage, mocking his mother, forcing her to agree to a secret burial, otherwise... Otherwise, just think, they are threatening to do something with Alexei's body," Navalnya says in the video.

According to her, Putin personally controls what happens with Navalny's body in Salekhard.

She also added that the Russian president only "pretends" that he is a "religious person" and called his faith "fake".

"Faith is not about kissing an icon.

Faith is about goodness, about mercy, about salvation.

And no true Christian would ever be able to do what Putin is doing now with the already dead Alexei," the widowed politician notes.

Yulia Navalnya believes that by their actions, Vladimir Putin and the security forces "inflict the greatest insult to the feelings of believers."

"Give me my husband's body.

We want him to be mourned, and then buried in the ground in a human way, as is customary in Orthodoxy.

Give Aleksei without any conditions.

You tortured him alive, and now you continue to torture him dead.

You mock the remains of the deceased.

It is impossible to come up with a greater shamelessness.

You violate every law: both human and divine," he said at the end of the address.

On February 23, the investigators gave Lyudmila Navalny, the mother of the politician Alexei Navalny, an ultimatum: either she agrees to a secret burial, or the oppositionist will be buried in the colony.

Lawyers of Navalny's mother submitted a statement to the Supreme Court of Russia with a request to open a criminal case under the article on abuse of the body of the deceased.

A day earlier, Lyudmila Navalnya recorded a video message in which she reported that the SC employees demanded from her to agree to the secret burial of the politician.

"They want it [Navalny's funeral] to be done secretly, without a farewell.

They want to bring me to the outskirts of the cemetery, to a fresh grave and say: "Here lies your son."

I don't agree with that," said Navalny's mother.