"There is little that can be done," says Dr. Huerta about aphasia 3:33

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Aphasia is a disease that prevents a person from communicating, as it "affects the ability to speak, write and understand both verbal and written language," explains the Mayo Clinic on its website.

This is the condition that actor Bruce Willis suffers from and that led him to stop acting, as shared by his family on social networks.

Although there are no further details about the actor's health, a post on his daughter's Instagram account indicated that the actor "has been experiencing some health problems" and aphasia "is affecting his cognitive abilities."

According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition can be caused by a stroke, head injury, brain tumor, or degenerative disease.

Aphasia is a disease that affects communication skills. 

He adds that "the severity of aphasia depends on several factors, including the cause and extent of brain damage."

This disease can also occur suddenly, indicates the website of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), which belongs to the National Institutes of Health of the United States.


"According to the National Aphasia Association, there are currently about one million people in the United States who suffer from aphasia and nearly 180,000 new cases each year. Men and women are equally likely to have aphasia," according to the NIDCD.

Causes of aphasia

This condition can occur due to damage to the brain in one or more parts related to language, says the NIDCD.

And many times "the cause of the injury" is "a stroke to the brain," which "occurs when a blood clot or break in a blood vessel" prevents blood flow from "reaching some part of the brain," explains the entity.

Other causes can be severe blows to the head, brain tumors, gunshot wounds, brain infections or even "progressive neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease."

  • Bruce Willis will leave acting due to health problems, his family reported


According to the Mayo Clinic, the following symptoms correspond to aphasia, which itself may be "a sign of some other condition, such as a stroke or brain tumor."

  • Speak in short or incomplete sentences

  • Say meaningless sentences

  • Replace one word or sound with another

  • Saying unrecognizable or incoherent words

  • Not understanding other people's conversations

  • Write meaningless sentences


Because aphasia affects the ability to communicate, people with this condition can have "quality of life problems" and affect aspects of life such as "work, relationships, and daily functioning," according to the Mayo Clinic. .

"Language barriers can lead to shame, depression, and relationship problems," says the health center.

Because of the changes that occur in the brain, it is possible for the brain to recover and those who suffer from aphasia to regain "their language and communication skills in the first few months, even without treatment," says the NIDCD.

However, rehabilitation with therapies is also possible to fully recover communication skills.

How to detect and treat aphasia, the condition that Bruce Willis suffers from?


"Aphasia therapy aims to improve a person's ability to communicate, helping them to use their remaining language skills, regain the ability to speak as much as possible, and learn other forms of communication, such as gestures, images or the use of electronic devices," the NIDCD said.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that you visit your doctor if you have trouble speaking, trouble understanding speech, trouble remembering words, or trouble reading or writing.

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