Internet safety tips for kids: Let us tell you such things that you can do while giving phone to your children.

special things

  • The child looks at the mobile.

  • So turn on this setting.

  • You will never see wrong content again.

Parenting Tips: 

Smartphone has become such a necessity in today's times that it is used not only by adults but also by children.

Not only for playing mobile games, but many times they also have to use the phone to do school projects and homework.

But often there is this tension in the minds of parents that when they give phones to their children, we fear that the children might watch some adult content or they might start misusing the phone, so let us tell you five such things which You can do this while giving the phone to your children.

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Adult Content Privacy 

When you give the phone to your children, keep in mind that first turn on Google Play Restrictions on Android.

In such a situation, children will stay away from such games and websites on which adult content is available.

For this, go to the settings on the left corner of Google Play Store, after that select the option of Parental Control, here you can lock it by entering a PIN.

social media settings 

When you give phones to your children, always turn on social media privacy.

There is a parental control option available on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, by turning on which you can track every activity of your children.

Don't let your email ID be used

Many times you enter your personal email ID on your phone and give it to children, due to this children often buy any game or app using your email ID, due to which there are chances of financial fraud, hence children have a different Create email ID.

Teach children internet safety tips

Whenever you give a mobile phone to your children, tell them about internet safety, how children can protect themselves from viruses, malware, cyber crimes and online payments and never share OTP or other account details with anyone. .

Keep your ATM PIN and bank details safe 

If your children are in the growing age and you are afraid that they might misuse your personal things, then keep your bank account details like password, ATM PIN safe in your phone or write them in a diary instead of the phone. .

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