Sonam Bajwa told why she doesn't want to do Bollywood films

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Sonam Bajwa Rejected Bollywood Movies: Beautiful actress Sonam Bajwa, who is called a superstar in Punjabi films, has millions of fans.

Sonam Bajwa is ruling the Punjabi film industry on the strength of her beauty and acting.

But did Sonam not get any offer from Bollywood?

This is not at all the case, in fact Sonam got offers for many Bollywood films but Sonam rejected those Bollywood films.

In an interview, Sonam Bajwa herself has given the reason for not working in Bollywood.

Didn't work in Bollywood films because of Punjabi fans

In an interview, Sonam said that she is getting offers for many films but she is currently rejecting them.

Actually this will happen only when it has to happen.

Sonam said that she has been representing Punjabi films, her fans have a lot of expectations from her and she wants to do justice to them.

Sonam said that recently she had received an offer for a Bollywood film.

But there were kissing scenes in that film and that is why she got worried about how the Punjabi audience would react to it.

Especially what will his family think about this?

He said that my thinking regarding the films which I rejected was whether the people of Punjab would really be able to watch these films.

Punjabi families will be able to watch this film sitting together.

I believe that the family should watch movies and watching movies is right.

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Sonam Bajwa made her debut in 2013

Sonam started her acting career in 2013.

The name of this film was Best of Luck.

After this, many of her films kept coming and through her acting skills, she soon became the heartbeat of the Punjabi film industry.

His recent film Carry On Jatta 3 has created a stir in Punjab.

This film has broken the records of many films by earning huge profits.

Apart from this film, Sonam has done brilliant acting in Gudiya Patole, Kapal, Gode Gode Chha, Carry on Jatta.