The most scandalous Serbian star came to Bulgaria for the first time and obviously the appearance will be memorable.

Jelena Karleusha arrived with a personal entourage of nearly 20 people.

It includes a personal stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser, managers, PR speakers, ballet, security guards and a special person in charge of social and networks.

The star has accepted the invitation of THE1 Exclusive to appear on its stage because only his sound and lighting meets the requirements and. Apart from her extravagant outfits and attractive demeanor, she is also known as a true professional who does not compromise with sound, multimedia lighting and the places where he performs.

This is also the reason why the star has not come to Bulgaria so far. 

Karleusha became Snow White

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of her career, and she believes that the key to success on stage is a strong psyche.

She is also known as someone who cares a lot about her visual identity and is often the subject of many discussions because of her provocative styling.

The show tonight (February 23) will bring together dozens of Bulgarian pop-folk singers who will come to see the Serbian live. 

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