From a skinny boy to a dandy young man and then to a macho man, Dharmendra's look

New Delhi:

Every star in Bollywood has its own identity.

Some get the tag of romantic or chocolate hero.

So, someone becomes an action hero and someone becomes famous for his swag.

Not only this, you will also find stars like Tragedy King and Angry Young Man in Bollywood.

Amidst all this, there is one star who looked fit in every style.

Be it action, romance, showing emotions or comedy, this actor proved himself in every style.

This actor is Dharmendra.

Who saw many ups and downs in his sixty year long career and also went through many changes.

Dharmendra evolution (1960-present)

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Dharmendra has changed so much in six decades

Dharmendra entered the film industry in 1960.

Although his first few films did not get much success.

But it was difficult to ignore this Punjabi Munde.

A video has been shared on Reddit on how much Dharmendra's look has changed since 1960.

In which changes in Dharmendra can be seen year after year.

How Dharmendra, who looked thin in the initial days, transformed into a handsome young man.

After that how he became the first macho man of Bollywood and after that he started appearing as a senior actor.

Its complete reel has been prepared.

The special thing is that despite the changes coming every year, Dharmendra is looking more handsome year after year.

Identity created by this film

Dharmendra first came into the public eye when he won the New Talent Award of Filmfare Magazine.

After which he got a chance to come to Mumbai and work in the film Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere.

But neither the film worked nor Dharmendra's luck shined.

After this, he worked in some more films and gradually started getting recognition from films like Shola and Shabnam and Bandini.

The film 'Milan' with Rajendra Kumar and Saira Banu was also successful.

The film Haqeeqat that came after this gave Dharmendra real recognition and he established himself as a star.