Crowds used to gather to watch this comedy show, photo- youtube/ADITYA ARORA

New Delhi:

Doordarshan Flop Show:

The serials coming on Doordarshan still live in the hearts of people.

Be it Mahabharata, Ramayana or the children's favorite Shaktimaan in the 90s.

But today we are talking about a comedy show coming on Doordarshan, just thinking about it will bring a smile on your face.

The magic of this show was such that crowds of people used to gather to watch it.

This comedy show shook the foundation of many big shows being aired at that time.

The name of this show, a satire on the system, may have been a flop but the show was a complete hit.

At the time of this show going on air in May 1989, super hit serials like Buniyaad, Nukkad and Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi were running on Doordarshan.

People used to wait for this show and laugh with the whole family.

Even some people on YouTube still enjoy this show.

Comedian Jaspal Bhatti had directed this show and he was seen performing excellently in the show.

seen with wife 

Jaspal Bhatti and his wife Savita Bhatti played the role of husband and wife in the show.

Sunil Grover was also in the show.

The comedic timing of all the actors of the show was so tremendous that people could not take their eyes off the TV.

The show used to have a very funny dedication by writing, 'This episode is dedicated to the officers who misused government resources whose personal interests inspired us to make this episode. The special thing about the show was that in every episode Different social issues were raised. The popularity of the show can be gauged from the fact that even today people watch this show on YouTube with interest.

Started on TV with Ulta Pulta

Jaspal Bhatti, who worked as a cartoonist in Tribune, entered TV with the serial Ulta Pulta.

People liked his simple style very much.

Not only as an actor, Jaspal Bhatti also became a director, producer, satirist and an excellent comedian.

Today, Jaspal Bhatti may not be among us but he has left behind unforgettable memories in the minds of his fans.