Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Grace Magembe has said that in Shinyanga Regional Referral Hospital they are building a three-floor mother and child building and a laboratory that will be self-sufficient in tests for various diseases in one place.

A consultant engineer and builder has been found and today he has officially come to start the measurements for the construction of the buildings where a drug store (pharmacy) will be built in Mochwari and a laundry building.

Dr. Magembe said this today during his one-day visit to Shinyanga region when he was inspecting the outpatient building (OPD) at the Shinyanga Municipal Hospital, Kambarage health center to inspect the parental ward and the regional referral hospital.

Dr. Magembe has said that the government has already signed a contract with a consultant builder regarding the construction and the location. The management of the referral hospital has already indicated what is awaiting implementation.

'Hospitals have now taken steps to have modern medical equipment as we have seen that there is a Tscan machine that is working and citizens are getting services, there are almost emergency buildings that are suitable for them.

"There is a plant to produce gas that helps to provide services to hospitals in the councils of this region and neighboring regions and one jar filled with this hospital is sold for 10,000 shillings," said Dr. Magembe.

Dr. Magembe has said that the government has been able to build gas production facilities at 24 facilities in the country and Shinyanga region is one of them where in the past before there was no gezi they were burning in Mwanza region at a cost of Shs 50,000 to 80,000 per cylinder.

Dr. Magembe has said that the Government has provided funds but the project is being disrupted, it should be in line with the existing contract so that the people can get the intended service and other measures can be started, so he asked the leadership of the regional government to manage the projects to end on time.

The Chief Medical Officer of Shinyanga Region Dr. Yudas Ndungile has said that there are five buildings that provide emergency services and professionals have been given education and appropriate equipment is available, so emergency services have been strengthened unless Kahama Municipality expects to build those buildings

The doctor in charge of the Regional Referral Hospital DK John Luzila is happy to start the construction strategy of the buildings after seeing the implementation start while saying that 449 people have so far used the Tscan machine in the hospital.