A lavish wedding celebration turned into a real spectacle for the guests after the groom showed a video of his bride cheating just before the big event. 

The shock was complete after it became clear that the naughty bride indulged in furious sex with her pregnant sister's husband, reports ladbible.com. 

The man accidentally caught the lovers while testing a camera he installed in their house.

Then he saw the betrayal of his chosen one, but waited until the wedding to take revenge on all his friends and relatives. 

Groom shoots bride at her wedding

"You thought I didn't know about this?" shouted the cuckold before showing the guests the video.

Groom in China Exposes Cheating Bride at Wedding by Playing Video of Her Making Out With Another Man https://t.co/nCI4KQx3Mp

— WORLD OF BUZZ (@WORLDOFBUZZ) January 30, 2024

In response, the bride threw her bouquet of flowers at him and attacked him, and the guests rushed to separate the couple. 

The story is from China, and the clip went around the internet and caused a lot of controversy.

The groom naturally gathered more support. 

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