Woman seriously injured in elephant attack, panic spread after watching viral video.

Most of the videos related to elephants on social media often feature cute and funny acts.

While these videos entertain the users, people's hearts are shaken by watching the elephant attack video.

One such scary video has surfaced, in which the incident of a woman being seriously injured due to the attack of an elephant, an innocent animal, is shown in sequence.

This video has shocked people on the internet.

Elephants, which are usually peaceful, can sometimes be very scary.

Videos of elephants chasing tourist vehicles and scaring away poachers keep appearing on social media platforms.

A similar video of an elephant pushing a woman is going viral on social media (first on Twitter), in which the elephant seriously injured the woman while trying to feed her.

In the viral video, it is seen that the woman is trying to make friends with an elephant.

When the elephant is busy eating its food, she goes closer to it.

A few seconds later, the angry elephant attacked the woman, causing her to suddenly jump backwards into the air.

The video was posted on X by a user named Non-Aesthetic Things. 

Watch video here

Girl tries to make friends with an elephant and finds out pic.twitter.com/DD5jGR6qjk

— non aesthetic things (@PicturesFoIder) February 21, 2024

Users gave such reactions

This viral video has shocked people in the internet world.

One user wrote, 'Leave the wild animals alone.'

Another wrote, 'Never go near an elephant when its tail is wagging.

He feels threatened.

Protests by local people have started after the death of three people in elephant attacks in Kerala in the last three weeks.

According to local media reports, in the most recent incident, a 52-year-old tourist guide was fatally attacked by a herd of elephants in Pulapalli town in the forested Wayanad region on Friday.

However, now Forest Department officials hope that hundreds of new cameras and intensive patrolling will help in tackling this dangerous problem.