You will get goosebumps after watching the trailer of Shaitaan Trailer, photo- instagram/jyotika

New Delhi:

Shaitaan Trailer:

The trailer of Ajay Devgan's film Shaitaan has been released.

Actor R Madhavan and South beauty Jyotika are working with him for the first time in this film.

Horror film Shaitan has been in discussion for a long time.

Fans of all three actors have been waiting for their film for a long time.

Now after watching the trailer of Shaitan, the excitement of the fans about this film will increase.

Looking at the trailer, we can say that a different kind of horror will be seen in Ajay Devgan, R Madhavan and Jyotika's film.

In such a situation, we tell the special things related to the trailer of Shaitan-

A stranger's entry into the house

The trailer of Shaitan looks quite different right from its first minute, when R Madhavan enters Ajay Devgan's house as a stranger and how heavy this entry is on Ajay Devgan's family. Can be seen clearly.

R Madhavan's acting:

The special thing worth seeing in the trailer of Shaitan is R Madhavan's acting.

It becomes clear from the trailer that he is playing the role of a vicious magician in Shaitan, who takes Ajay Devgan's daughter under his control. 

Janaki Bodiwala

The second role worth watching in the trailer of Shaitan is that of Janaki Bodiwala.

Under the control of R Madhavan, he has performed his role brilliantly, which will scare and win the hearts of people in theatres. 

Looking at the trailer of the film

Shaitan, it can be said that the makers have worked more on the story among the four star cast.

The trailer tells that this film of Ajay Devgan, R Madhavan and Jyotika is going to keep people engaged right from the beginning.

This film is the Hindi remake of Gujarati film Vash.


Shaitan is directed by Vikas Bahl.

Vikas has always been known for his different kind of direction.

He has directed great films like Super 30, Queen and Chillar Party.

In such a situation, it is obvious that the direction in the trailer of Shaitan is also very special.