Drugs are a forgotten subject for me.

The statistics are already very startling - when you are on the crest of a wave, when there are problems in your family or you face a peculiar circle of friends, you can be tempted and faltering is a big problem.

It's a dangerous game. I'm happy that I don't do drugs anymore, now I exercise every day, I don't drink or smoke, I just work.

This is what pop-folk singer Krum told Bulgaria Today.

According to him, this way of escaping from reality is very insidious and the situation with his colleague Diona has no room for justification.

"I don't want to judge people. I know Diona vaguely, we have exchanged words on the phone and in person. But I think that a person should be responsible for his actions. An "I'm sorry" and humility, silence would do a lot. It's all absurd situation," says Krum.

In his personal life, the singer has been happy for eight years, but he does not want to reveal the person next to him.

"I learned to keep quiet, I don't have to share who I love," he says.

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When asked about the selfie with Finance Minister Asen Vasilev, Krum shared for the first time: "All sorts of nonsense was written about this topic. The truth is that I went to the first meeting when the people from the PP came to the Boyana quarter, where I live to find out what their agenda is. My neighbors and I took selfies with everyone and posted them on the networks. It's interesting that no one reacted, but they released my photo with Asen Vasilev months later. But hello, I I'm a supporter of these young people and I think they've made a lot of difference in management. God willing, good things will continue to happen," said Krum.

He is currently studying for a master's degree at the Academy of Music, having graduated in flute at the conservatory.

"Maybe one day I will become the minister of culture, why not?" laughs the 37-year-old performer Krum Sirakov, an idol of young and old fans.

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