Pisces loves the secrets of the world and the world of dreams.

Reality, alas, has little in common with their fantasies, and this is especially true when it comes to love.

Long distance love or even platonic love in general is the secret of this sign.

The enthusiastic and dreamy nature of Pisces is often the reason why they remain alone, so the harsh life is mercilessly at odds with their cherished dream of great love.

They need a partner with a highly developed intuition, who would be distinguished by a subtle soul - a gentle lover who would be able to bind them to himself without pressure, but confidently, and who would not expect a miracle from them.

Unfortunately, fate often meets Pisces with powerful partners who deprive them of initiative.

The consequence of this is their escape into their own secret world, which Pisces carefully guards against foreign intrusion.

Pisces are reluctant to express their desires out loud.

They stay true to themselves when it comes to carnal love.

Only with a sensitive, loving attitude can you get the truth out of a Pisces, or in any case, guess from their reaction.

The danger is that Pisces can very rarely say "no" and as a result can have several relationships at the same time.

So sometimes you can try for years to know the truth but never get it.

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