How To Prevent Hair Fall: This is how you can avoid seasonal hair fall. 

Hair Care:

When the weather starts changing, its effect starts appearing on the skin and hair.

Now winters have started ending and summer season has arrived, in such a situation hair starts falling in this changing season.

Changing air makes the hair dry and the hair also starts itching.

Apart from this, there may also be problems of dandruff, build-up and dryness or stickiness.

In such a situation, it does not take long for hair fall to start.

Know here what should be done to prevent hair fall. 

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How to stop hair fall

How To Prevent Hair Fall 

oil massage will help 

To prevent hair fall, massage can be done with lukewarm oil twice a week.

If hair is massaged properly, it gets nourishment from roots to ends.

This also benefits the hair follicles and makes the hair stronger.

You can choose almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil for hair massage.

Take 2 to 3 spoons of oil in a bowl and heat it.

When the oil becomes slightly hot, take it in your fingers and apply it on the roots of the hair till the ends of the hair and massage the head with light hands.

This improves blood circulation of the scalp and also gives shine to the hair.

Massaging the head in this way not only prevents hair breakage but also helps in hair growth.

One also gets relief from itching and dryness on the head. 

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wash hair on time 

Our biggest mistake in changing seasons proves to be not washing our hair at the right time.

Actually, in winter, we get into the habit of washing our hair at an interval of 2-3 days, but due to this, a lot of dirt also accumulates on the hair.

At the same time, in summer we start washing our hair more because our hair starts smelling due to sweat every other day.

When washing hair in changing seasons, do not look at summer or winter but pay attention to the condition of the hair.

If your hair looks dry then avoid washing it again and again and wash hair only if the hair looks really dirty.

If you start washing your hair too often, it will start depleting the natural oils of your hair and if you do not wash your hair on time, then stickiness and dirt will start appearing in your hair. 

Can apply hair mask 

Many times hair needs separate nutrition and lack of this nutrition only increases hair problems.

According to your hair concerns, you can apply hair mask on your hair.

If the hair is oily, dry, has dandruff or the hair has become frizzy, then make hair masks and apply them to remove these problems.

Egg hair masks can be applied to strengthen the hair.

If egg is applied on the hair in its original form, it strengthens the hair.