A new technology in the world of aesthetic procedures — HydroDiamond™ from Zemits.

It is a combination of the strengths of two effective techniques — hydrodermabrasion and diamond dermabrasion.

This synergy in HydroDiamond™ has created a simple, affordable and cost-effective protocol that increases the profits of cosmetologists and estheticians.

Skin cleansing is one of the most popular treatments for clients, as the demand for clean, glowing skin is constant.

Traditional methods such as ultrasonic peeling, chemical peeling and manual scrubbing have become well known and affordable, but the market is constantly changing and customers are looking for new and better results.

In the United States and Europe, hydrodermabrasion is becoming increasingly popular, with 9 million procedures performed annually in the United States alone.

However, this procedure is not yet so common in Ukraine, most hydrodermabrasion devices are expensive and require large investments in equipment and serums for the procedure.

HydroDiamond™ technology eliminates all the shortcomings of the hydrodermabrasion market.

Thanks to the minimum consumption of serum - only 5 ml per procedure and the low cost - 10 hryvnias, this technology becomes attractive for business.

Cost savings lead to increased profits.

Main advantages of HydroDiamond™:

Thanks to HydroDiamond™ technology, clients get cleansed pores, improved microcirculation and cell saturation with useful substances.

The result is a reduction in pigmentation and acne scars, and the skin becomes more radiant and healthy.

HydroDiamond™ technology is available in devices:

Zemits DermeLuxx Pro

is a 3-in-1 device with additional functions: oxygen mesotherapy and cryotherapy.

— 8 in 1 device, additional functions are presented: ultrasonic peeling, electroporation of the face and the area under the eyes, RF-lifting, vacuum therapy, oxygen mesotherapy and cryotherapy.

The combination of technologies in one device allows cosmetologists to create individual protocols for clients, taking into account their needs and wishes.

HydroDiamond™ is not just a procedure, it is an opportunity to increase your profits and satisfy your customers' needs for perfect glowing skin.