It has been rumored for some time in social circles that the actor Filip Bukov is engaged and it is only a matter of time before he gets married to his girlfriend.

However, in reality, the current sex symbol of the native cinema and theater is still far from this step, but this does not prevent him from having a say in the matter.

"I'm not engaged, it was a joke.

But I have a serious girlfriend," he clarifies.

The 30-year-old actor, who we watch in "Dancing Stars", has been married since 2022 to Iva Simeonova, a journalism graduate.

The two even live together and have talked about more serious relationships, "Gallery" writes.

“I like marriage, I think people should get married.

I really love weddings.

You gather all your friends, they take care of you to the last, you get drunk, it's fun!

I've had such a good time at weddings that I can't help but want to organize one myself," the actor is convinced.

For Bukov, however, Mendelssohn is not just about legitimizing your love.

"Marriage gives stability to a woman.

However, when you enter into it, you both need to be very clear about what is coming.

Still, it's a huge responsibility.

I like prenuptial agreements, which are necessary so that there are no angry people afterwards.

We often see people who do not divorce and harm their children because they cannot divide their property.

If you are from a wealthy family, and she is not, and so that she does not extort you, or if it is the opposite situation - he, divide your things before marriage," the magician thinks.

He admits that he comes from a normal family and earns his own living without looking at anyone else's.

The actor Filip Bukov after a kiss with a man: We are not opposite!

"I will never marry on account, and therefore to be clean on both sides, a prenuptial agreement is drawn up."

Then we work and build things together.

Naturally, the man is obliged to provide a home for the wife and children, but if I find myself in the situation where I am faithful to my wife and have done everything for the family, and she, because she did not have free time and was moving back and forth, did is misery, to be so kind, valiant, valuable and honest, and not to tell me that this apartment remains for her," he adds.

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