Anil Kapoor gave up these two bad habits for fitness

New Delhi:

Anil Kapoor Fitness Secret: Whenever any fit and handsome actor is mentioned in the Bollywood industry, Anil Kapoor's name is definitely taken in it.

Even at the age of 67, there is no answer to Anil Kapoor's fitness.

Not only his looks but his personality and his physique also defeat boys of 30-35 years of age.

In such a situation, the same question arises in the mind of every fan that what is the secret of Anil Kapoor's fitness.

If you also want to know the answer to the question, then this secret has been revealed by her daughter Sonam Kapoor herself.

Sonam told how Anil Kapoor maintains his lifestyle to maintain his fitness.

So this is why Anil Kapoor looks 40 at 67

Recently, during an interview, Sonam Kapoor told about the lifestyle of her father Anil Kapoor and uncles and what kind of tradition has been followed in her family.

Regarding her father, Sonam Kapoor said that my father does not drink alcohol, he does not even smoke cigarettes.

This is the reason why he looks so fit and handsome.

Apart from this, Sonam also told about Boney Kapoor's lifestyle that he likes food very much and sometimes he also drinks.

At the same time, his uncle Sanjay Kapoor is also very conscious about his fitness and is quite a fitness freak.

Sonam told that mother controls father

Anil Kapoor not only stays away from alcohol and cigarettes but also takes special care of his diet.

Sonam told that her mother controls her a lot to maintain her lifestyle.

Sonam says that her mother Sunita Kapoor has always been very conscious towards health.

Papa likes to eat cheat meals sometimes, but my mother is exactly like an Indian woman, who controls him from eating extra and takes utmost care of his diet.

Anil Kapoor was amazing in Animal

Let us tell you that Anil Kapoor was recently seen in the film Animal, in which he played the role of Ranbir Kapoor's father, but even in the role of father, he looked quite handsome, hunk and stylish.

Apart from this, Anil was recently seen in Siddharth Anand's film Fighter with Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone.