of the health sector in Mtwara region have been asked to focus on professionalism when attending to patients at their workplaces.

The opinion was given during a three-day training for the experts on mother and child health that was held in Masasi district in the region and brought together experts from six of the nine councils in the region.

The training aims to get feedback from the citizens on the services provided in various health centers in the region.

Mtwara Regional Commissioner Colonel Ahmed Abbas has said that the complaints of some experts using bad language to patients is weakening the industry and the public.

"Let me continue to emphasize to you to focus on professionalism, improve your statement in providing services to our customers, our patients, the complaints of some of our colleagues using bad language are heard every day" said Abbas

The government has invested on a large scale believing that the main foundation is good health for its citizens, common sense, knowledge to be able to solve daily challenges.

Acting Chief Medical Officer of Mtwara Region, Frank Omollo has said that they want to know what the citizens say about these services and they have seen that it is part of the solution because it connects them with the citizens.

"We rely on two results, there are those who want to enjoy the service, they will applaud those who are not satisfied, they will give their opinions, we will summarize them so that each council can provide services according to the needs and wishes of the people"

The National Trainer of the Mother and Child Program, Rosemary Nazar has said that the program has started to be implemented in 2017 with the aim of reducing maternal and newborn deaths.

However, to improve the service of mother and child by giving opinions from those pregnant mothers, who gave birth to a child of 28 days old.